Welcome to our

“not-so-side” side hustle.

Our exclusive in-house print shop specializes in Letterpress Design and Printing for invitation suites, personal and corporate stationery, and much more. We love to integrate Letterpress into all types of projects, creating a hands-on, full circle experience.

Note that we currently do not operate as print-only studio. We prioritize working on projects from start to finish, meaning from the initial design phase to production.

We are designers who print.

While working on a project back in 2015, we were introduced to the art of Letterpress and instantly fell in love with the process. Since then, we’ve acquired four Letterpress machines, allowing us to expand our print services and fully integrate it into the studio and business.

Meet the Squad.

We’re nothing without our Letterpress machines. Each one has its own role in the studio, and is put to use depending on the type and scope of project.


Chandler & Price
Pilot, 1880

Small yet mighty, Frankie loves a limited print run that covers a modest surface area.


Chandler & Price
Old Style, 1800s

These days Hugo’s specialty lies in a good clean diecut and inkless impression.

Nora Jean
Chandler & Price
New Style, 1800s

Good ole Nora Jean is nothing if not reliable and versatile. Big or small, she gets the job done.


Heidelberg Windmill
Redball, 1964

Don’t mess with Svetlana—she’s a beast. She’s speedy AF and is unrivalled when it comes to impression.

Consistently Inconsistent.

Letterpress is a process that involves heaps of time, energy, and love. To say a lot goes on behind the scenes in order to bring these projects to fruition doesn’t even cover the half of it! Each sheet of paper is handled, scored, fed, and printed, one by one to create bespoke and luxurious results. Our appreciation for the handmade nature of this process continues to grow and we will always find beauty in the unique variation of each print.
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