We are inquisitive, passionate, and fun‑loving creatives.

As a team, we’re constantly learning together, and from one another, while embracing our differences and similarities. This allows us to collaborate seamlessly on projects and thrive in our close knit studio. We absolutely love a good laugh, and strive to enjoy what we do with a balanced, healthy mindset.

The Team

Creative Director

Name a hat that she doesn’t wear. Sarah’s a boss, designer, comedian, presswoman exra‑ordinaire, and possibly THE coolest mom you’ll ever meet. She’s quick on her feet, great with people, and got an eye for detail. Sarah’s meticulous no bullshit attitude helps her shine in every single one of her roles.

Art Director

You could call her a bit of an overachiever. Allison is always ready to play the devil’s advocate and be the voice of reason in a stressful situation (then lose sleep over it for the next week). You won’t catch her with less than 10 tabs open at all times but that doesn’t keep her from pumping out killer work.

Our Office Mascots

Chief Canine Officer

Originally from Mississippi (by way of New Hampshire), Milah brings heaps of life experience to the table in her old age. She keeps the team in check and doesn’t mess around.

Human Resources

Though he’s still learning the ropes, Lenny’s youthful energy keeps the studio upbeat and positive. He’s always ready for a cuddle…but easily distracted by ill-timed eye contact!

Careers and Internships

We aren't actively looking to grow but we're always happy to make new connections. If you think you’d be a good addition to the team, we’d love to hear from you.