We are a Graphic Design Studio located in Montreal. We love what we do, and do what we love.

Cow Goes Moo was founded in 2009. The company, initially a one-woman-show, has since grown into the small yet mighty studio it is today, focusing primarily on branding, packaging, and print projects.

Creating beautiful, meaningful, and purposeful brands.

We’re always working towards thoughtful ideas and concepts that express the values and visions of our clients and their brands. We strive to produce a positive impact with creative and expressive brand systems, and through an honest and transparent process.

Our philosophy is easy
—keep it simple.


The first stage of any project is research. Often overlooked, this is a key step in building a strong and perhaps most importantly, suitable foundation for a brand. In this stage, the problems that need to be solved should be identified in order to develop an in-depth understanding of the client, project, and future of the brand.


Once the foundation is laid, the next phase is creation. This includes brainstorming ideas, developing solutions, and transforming these into substantial concepts. This is a time to ask questions, hypothesize, take a step back, reflect, and repeat. Big decisions need to be made and will inevitably be questioned to ensure a carefully considered result.


After the identity is established, what remains is implementation. This means updating and applying the system through all facets of the brand. It requires communication on both ends to ensure the outcome is both as desired and as intended.

We do a little bit of everything.

Brand Identity
Brand Systems
Brand Guidelines
Brand Strategy
Brand Audits
Research and Insights
Art Direction
Packaging Design
Packaging Systems
Environmental Design
Editorial Design
Print Design
Publication Design
Book Covers
Campaign Design
Event Design
Website Design
Social Media
Digital and Social Ads
Content Strategy

We also specialize in Letterpress Printing.

Our weeks are split between designing and printing thanks to our in-house Letterpress shop. We love designing for print and always try to integrate it into whatever project we’re working on, if appropriate!